New Search Tools: Keotag, Google Scholar, Google Book Search features


I have found that searching tags seems to give better results than just typing in keywords. I have long been frustrated with typing in words like "education" or "teaching" into Technorati and finding anything meaningful. Results are simply filled with live journal and Xanga pages that bemoan the passages of youth rather than serious edublogging information.

Marshall K has again pointed me to a great resource. I used Keotag to search tags. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed for the tag search.

By searching tags you filter out the non serious journaler and get to the more serious blogger. The increasing use of tags gives you many more reasons to tag your blogs.

Some Google Stuff!

Search Google Scholar

Another method to find research and "good" information is Google Scholar which researches scholarly papers and academic works. I like this!

Add local library holdings to your Google Book search
According to the Google blog, Google Book search has also added Find in in the Library Links to many books that allows you to enter your zip code and see if a book is available locally. Also, one patron has written a greasemonkey script to show the library holdings in the Google Book results.

I would like to be able to insert a greasemonkey script at my school to show the holdings in our school library, local library, and local college library! This is a potential score for libraries who need to become re-relevant in the new electronic age!

1:1 Computing Taking hold
Richard Carey reports on his take at a conference in Washington DC this week.

Both Microsoft and Apple are pushing these initiatives. Companies like Agilix make a student application for tablet PCs and the Kent School now requires tablet PCs for every student, supported by financing programs for families of limited means to make sure every student has one.
Richard is worth a read.

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