Bloggers should look at Blooking

What is a blook?
Simply put, a blook is a blog in book form.

Why should I blook?

With how the Internet changes, I am often afraid that my blog will one day disappear into oblivion as blogger evolves or disappears. (They have the right to do that, you know.)

When I was eight I wrote some great adventure games for our family TRS-80 which are now gone forever! I wish there had been a way to preserve it.

Thus comes the reason for a blook. You can take your blog postings for a year or specified period of time and convert them to a book form. Most bloggers do this through self publishing at a website like LuLu. (That is who I'll use.) It costs around $30 and some of your time.

You can also market your blook if there are those who haven't made the online world but want to read what you write. (Or give one to Mom for Christmas!)
You might also even win the blooker prize! On March 3 the short list was printed for 2005. (Some interesting ones that peeked my interest include Action Poetry, and Julie and Julia (recipes for a small apartment))

How do I blook?

I have found the most descriptive post about blooking and I plan to use it over the summer when I create a cool cat teacher blook.

I feel I owe it to myself and my children to preserve what I write for them. After all, I spend a lot of time, energy, prayer, and effort blogging each day.

In Conclusion

So if blogger goes the way of my old TRS-80 I won't sit around in a nursing home and talk about what I used to say.

If you've made a blook, or have a blook, I hope you'll comment and link to it. I'd like to talk to some real people who've done it!

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