ePortfolio research

I will be fascinated to see the results of this nationwide study of the effect of ePortfolios on student learning, achievement, and engagement.

The study monitors about 5,000 high school students coast to coast and is sponsored by TaskStream, a New York-based software company that makes e-portfolios that students use for free.
The article makes it sound like the eportfolios are free, however, if you go to the website, there are subscription rates.

I do hope that the students are able to preserve copies of their ePortfolios. Imagine how demotivating it would be to create the portfolio and "lose" it somewhere along the way. (See my take on 100% digital portfolios.)

We need more research along these lines. I hope that neutral researchers at universities around the world are also looking at these topics so we do not end up with a lot of "hype." We need best practices (not just best software) amidst the maelstrom of Web 2.0 educational apps.

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