Social Sciences: Compare States and Nations with Incredible maps!

Cool Resources for social science teachers and statistics NUTS (like myself):
Hat tip to Stephen Rahn at Stephen's Untold Stories

This statistical database lets you compare a lot of data between US States. The data comes from the US Census Bureau, the FBI, and the National Center for Educational Statistics.

Even more so, it does more than just spit out numbers but produces some pretty cool maps, flag images, state profiles, and more in charts.

This is a GREAT resource for those end of the year Geography projects!

This sister site allows you to access data from CIA World Factbook, UN, and OECD. They also have some pretty powerful maps.

They have a great map on "the most educated." This plots the length of time citizens spend in school. Here's the top 10.
#1 Norway 16.9 years
#2 Finland 16.7 years
#3 Australia 16.6 years
#4 United Kingdom 16.4 years
#5 New Zealand 16.2 years
#6 Sweden 16 years
#7 Netherlands 15.9 years
#8 Belgium 15.8 years
#9 Iceland 15.8 years
#10 Denmark 15.6 years

Where's the US? #14 at 15.2 years.

In Conclusion
Such resources are great tools to promote discussion. You may even learn something new like I did!

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