The must read (Free) Web 2.0 book for educators

If you're writing a technology plan or planning your curriculum for next year you should STOP EVERYTHING and print out this free book for everyone on your team. Then, before you go any further, read it. (It is only 92 pages.)

What is the background of this book?

Educational guru Ewan Mcintosh has blogged about his participation in a new evolutionary electronic book entitled: Coming of Age: an Introduction to the new world wide web. (Adobe Acrobat Format 1.9MB) The editor is Terry Freedman and this book is excellent an excellent resource!

Administrators, teachers, leaders of all kind simply must print out this book and distribute it to those who need to know. (I think this includes administrators, technology coordinators, teachers, and librarians.)

Who wrote the book?
The book consists of case studies and how-to articles by many of the leaders in the educational field: Miles Berry, John Bidder, Mechelle de Craene, John Evans, Peter Ford, Terry Freedman (Ed), Josie Fraser, Steve Lee, Ewan McIntosh, Alan November, Chris Smith, Dai Thomas, David Warlick, Shawn Wheeler.

How can I contribute to the evolution of this book?
They have also created a wiki in to allow changes and contributions to the book so you can add your expertise in as well!

What topics are covered in this book?

Some of the headings in the table of contents that catch my interest are:
  • An outlining of the tools available on the New web (p 21-23
  • What are RSS feeds and why haven't I heard about it? (RSS Feeds from an educator's perspective)
  • Blogging
  • PhotoSharing
  • Blogs and special needs children
  • ELGG and Blogging in primary education
  • Podcasting Resources (and how to subscribe to them and do it)
  • Video Blogging in Schools
  • Wikis in Education (They link to our Westwood Wiki!)
  • Forums, Instant Messaging and Other Ways to Participate
This is what Web 2.0 is all about! Thank you visionaries!

This is the type of wiki-based best practices book that can serve as a model for the next iteration in effective global education. This is a global group of collaborators with a useful, salient message for all visionary educators.

Folks, this is what Web 2.0 is all about! This is the future we're preaching! I've never met Terry Freedman but I am so impressed that I cannot contain myself.

Read this book, add to the wiki, and most of all, tell the story! Print it out and share it in your circle of influence. It will be the best free thing you ever did for your school system!

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