Summer pursuits: Refill the empty pitcher!

Thank you to the many edubloggers for the best year of teaching I've ever had!

Now, if you are looking for something to do, the wiki how to has many random things that you can learn how to do.

However, if you want to do something meaningful, I suggest you speak out on DOPA, Read a good book, spend time with your family and for goodness sakes, blog about the things you've learned this year so the rest of us can be in the excitement.

Remember that we need a vacation just to remember who we are. You simply cannot pour water out of an empty pitcher. When we know who we are and are rested, we are better teachers in the fall.

So, fill up that pitcher. Rest without guilt and read with abandon. Blog, comment, and get some sun. Play frisbee and play with new technology. Prop your feet up and have a good laugh.

As I've been reading my first book of the summer, Thomas Cahill's "How the Irish Saved Civilization" I am reminded that when the Irish saved civilization, they also preserved their own. For as they copied books, they would get sleepy. To stay awake, they wrote limericks, poems, and cartoons in the margins of books. They left their mark on their profession and in the history of their culture.

For this reason, it is perfectly acceptable to blog about other things in the summer time. Consider them the limericks, poems, and cartoons in the margins of your professional book over time.

Have a great summer!

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