Advice to NECC06 bloggers by someone who is (virtually) attending.

If you are at NECC, here's my thoughts on how you can help me (and others) learn from you:

Tag your posts
Follow Dave's tagging tips so we can find you.

Keep us up to date.
Post often (You can always go back and revise later and we'll read that one too.)

Hyperlink Resources
When you attend a session, include links to the handouts, presentations, and podcast if there is one. Don't make me scour the net for something Google may not have found yet!

Post by topic. Don't get too long.

Post different workshops in separate posts (unless they are related.) This allows the us on the Internet to compare, collaborate and find things easily. If you make a 5,000 word post, it won't get read and it will be difficult to link to you. If it is in more digestible pieces, it will promote dialog and discussion about that topic.

Hyperlink to everything they talk about (if they don't include it online.)

Share with me your thoughts.
I care about what you think, even if the thought process is in the formatory stage.

Blow my mind with something new!
NECC bloggers, you can change education in three days.

Never before in the history of education can information be disseminated so quickly! By the time you leave a workshop room, I can be yelling "yahoo" in Georgia from something new I've learned from that same workshop.

This model of learning doesn't work without the important link... you the blogger at NECC. The quality of your posts serves as the best documentation of NECC and will serve to educate the world about this valuable conference. (Oh, and did I say HYPERLINK! Please don't give us virtual attendees "dead" documents.)

I'm here waiting. Bring it on.

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