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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wiki Q & A

Here is the most common question I get about wikis as posted on the Westwood wikispace yesterday from a Michigan educator. It is a good one and this question keeps many people from using the most useful tool I have ever found for teaching!

beckyloose writes: Editing
I am a teacher in Northern Michigan and I am just learning about wikis. I have been studying your wonderful wiki page to learn more about it. It really seems like a wonderful tool, but I have a quesion that I'm sure you can help me with.
If anyone can edit the wiki how do you prevent someone from going in there and changing or deleting all the hard work that has been done?
Thank you for you help!
Here is my response:

brightideaguru writes: re: Editing
Great question! This is a wiki that has members so only people who I have invited can edit. The only members of this wiki are my Westwood students!

Although they could mess up each other's work and it has happened sometimes, if you go to the history tab, you can revert back to any old page that you want to.

Any changes made to the page (including your question here) go to my bloglines account that the Westwood wiki has changed and I read it and can delete or edit it.

So, between using RSS to monitor changes to the page and the history page that lets me see changes, who made them, and revert back to an older page if necessary, I have a powerful, easy, pretty foolproof tool that I can use to teach.

In fact, it is the best tool I have EVER used in my classroom. I blog quite frequently about it at my teacher blog.

What is your wiki question? I'd love to answer it.
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