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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ship of Dreams

I have lived in the computer lab at school this week, finally finishing up the move out (so I can have it cleaned and put in the new lab) at 9:30 pm on Tuesday night.

Today, I will sail away until Monday on a ship of dreams. As I look at the tropics, my dreams of technological innovation heat up. After this new lab, a laptop campus hovers on my hopeful horizon.

I care not to frolic in the flotsam of frivolous hype but rather choose to dive deeper into the riptide of reality. Technology is a medium that is fast replacing pen and paper. It is a commodity and a staple. It is a necessary tool that must be accessible to all teachers and students. It does not replace a teacher, it augments a good teacher in a powerful way.

Technology is no longer a course, it charts the course of life as kids google their way through life.
To refuse to adequately supply a classroom with computers is akin to not purchasing books. In fact, it would be easier to buy computers and forget the books in lieu of amazing online resources.

I sail on my ship of dreams...

Keep the faith my friend. And remember your noble calling, o Teacher. For without us, the dreams of our students will never leave the harbor.

See you back here on Monday.
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