The silent (but most important) participants in NECC

Recent research shows that teachers who “put their soul into what they are doing” are getting better responses from students (Crabtree, 2004).

Allison Rooney, in her article, What Students say about Teacher Quality, says:

"students want teachers who care, who push them, who maintain a classroom that is conducive to learning, and who are sensitive to their individual needs as learners. "
We must never fall so in love with gadgets that we forget that our first love should be our students. If a student doesn't have the teacher's heart, gadgets will only be a distraction.

Admid the plethora of NECC postings, remember who this is about. I love gadgets more than most, but my greatest classroom tool for learning is my expectation, vigilance, and love of every student as a unique individual put here for a purpose.

Technology is the pump on the conduit of information flow made by caring.

Want to know more?

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