Join our Women of Web 2.0 EdTechTalk Sunday at 4 pm EST

My friends and I at the Women of Web 2.0 and I will be hosting a live Ed Tech talk this Sunday -- 4 pm EST; 8PM GMT. We hope to have time for questions.

I haven't blogged about the Women of Web 2.0 because we're still getting a lot of resources together. Despite what I hear some people may think, we just feel there is a need for a feminine voice in Web 2.0 discussions and haven't really seen a lot of inclusion of women in some things. Because so many teachers are women, we just think it is important that a female voice be included.

However, we are consulting many "friends" and others as we have our discussions and men are certainly invited into our bulletin board and online discussions. Basically, the women of Web 2.0 are the four of us who've decided to get together and do something a little different.

The Web 2.0 movement moves across gender, race, and country lines and we expect all of our discussions to reflect that. Just think of it as a corner of Web 2.0 meant to reflect a feminine view of things. Don't read more into it than it is.

If you have suggestions or ideas, join in the discussions in the bulletin board over at Wow2. We're planning a weekly skypecast and some other collaborations as well. The neat thing is that between our classroom experience, recent education degrees, theses, and international project coordination experience, there is a pretty good representation of most aspects of Web 2.0.

We've had some fun skype calls recently as we've planned things and have submitted for a panel discussion of practical Web 2.0 in the classroom for NECC. This plans to be a neat "aside" project of mine.

I hope you continue to do what you can to stay inspired, stay afloat and stay positive. Just the other day, some teachers at my school decided to ask that we have some staff development to learn about Web 2.0. I haven't pushed it on anyone, I just let the students do the selling!

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