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Monday, October 30, 2006

Skypecast and Wiki Awards Ceremony Tonight

I'm going to attempt to host my first full skypecast and we have an ambitious agenda. This is the culmination of amazing week of wikis at our k12wiki.wikispaces.com. The pages were absolutely amazing and I'm going to feature them in the upcoming weeks.

I hope you'll join us tonight at our 8 PM EST Skypecast. Here is the information and the agenda. I will say that less than 5 points separated our top five scoring wikis! It was very competitive! The winners will be in your classroom!

Here is the plan:

SkypeCast at 8 PM EST tonight, Monday, October 30th!

1 - Go to (https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=45270) on Monday, October 30, at 8 pm EST. (I will be there at 7:40 to test things out.)
2- Sign in.
3 - If you have trouble - send a text message via skype to coolcatteacher for help. (Before the show starts, after it starts, it will be too late!)

Agenda for the Skypecast Monday

For K12 wiki participants: I have included the order and the listing of those who have let me know they will be in on Monday. Please e-mail me at coolcatteacher@gmail.com if you plan to attend so that I can add you to the agenda. Agenda for you to edit (Go to the agenda for you to edit to add your name and info. I also want you to add your blog there if you have not e-mailed it.)

  • 8 pm EST
    Welcome from Vicki and an overview of the project (Vicki Davis)

  • 5 minutes
    Overview of Tandem learning process and potential with wiki projects. (Vicki Davis, Sharon Peters)

  • 5-7 minutes
    Introduction of Judges - Stewart Mader, Jennifer Wagner, Andrea cannot attend but will send me some notes.
    From this point on, Stewart and Jen will "jump in" as they have thoughts about the wiki projects.

  • 20 minutes
    Discussion from those groups that would like to share their wiki experience - 20 minutes

    • Wiki #2 - Math - Effective Math Videos - Jeanne Simpson and Chris Harbeck - (Both will attend)
    • Wiki #8-Technology - Disruptive Technology in the Classroom - Cheryl Lykowski and Vinnie Vrotny
    • Wiki # 10- Technology- Student Data Storage- Beth Shenefiel (Beth will share comments from Celeste)
    • Wiki # 7 - Social studies Citizen Journalism Code of Ethics - Reuven Werber - via podcast (3 AM is an ungodly hour!)

      Other Wikis (Time Permitting)
    • Wiki #10 Student Data Storage
    • Wiki #9 Tagging
    • Wiki #11 Internet Safety
    • Wiki #1 Student Art Galleries
    • Wiki #3 Tandem Learning in learning languages
    • Wiki #4 Self Publishing
    • Wiki #5 Tandem Learning in Language Arts
    • Wiki #6 Simulation in Sciences

10 minutes
Discussion from judges about what they observed was effective on the wiki project. (Point out things you liked about each wiki.)
  • Stewart Mader
  • Jennifer Wagner
  • Vicki will read notes from Andrea Forte

5 minutes
Announcement of winners:
Each participant who contributed - New thing to add onto your resume. (Will post the names of contributors to a page.)
  • 3rd place (tie)
  • 2nd place
  • 1st place
  • Best Wiki of Conference

5 minutes
Where do we go from here?
  • Announcement from Jennifer Wagner of Technospud projects about classroom matching for wikis.
  • Wiki projects.

5 minutes
Recap and challenge from presenter Vicki Davis
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