Women of Web 2.0 Podcast at EdTech Talk

The first podcast of Women of Web 2.0 is now posted at EdTech Talk. We discuss some neat things, from keyboarding to the fact the children of famous people are now tarnishing the rep of "dear old Dad" with their blogs or myspace presence.

This was our agenda:

  • Welcome and sharing of our mission statement
  • Introduction of each of us, how we got into Web 2.0.
  • What Web 2.0 tools each of us have implemented.
  • Benefits of implanting Web 2.0 in the classroom.
  • The Dangers of NOT implementing Web 2.0 in the classroom.
  • What is Women of Web 2.0 and who is included?
  • Q & A
Nice surprises include a discussion with Sus from Denmark about the efficacy of using translation services on your blog and a short sidetrack into keyboarding discussions. (I think this is the hidden enemy of everything we are doing with technology and most are strangely silent. This is another case of some people assuming that kids just intrisicly "know" how to do these things.)

I've been leery of committing to a weekly podcast myself but I think I and the other ladies have worked out an arrangement and between us. This way, each of us can participate but if we need to put our family first for school events, we still have flexibility!

The purpose of Women of Web 2.0:


"Our mission is to provide a professional feminine voice in educational Web 2.0 discussions. Conversations coming from the women of web 2.0 will move across gender, race, and country lines and display the beautiful diversity of the internet kaleidoscope. We are advocates for professional ethics, emerging technologies, collaborative projects, quality best practices research, and teaching students critical thinking skills. We are non-partisan and pro-student."

We are not for women only! The Women of Web 2.0 are the four of us (for now!)

I hope you'll join in the wow2 bulletin board, where the four of us visit and respond to questions and learn from YOU!

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