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Google For Educators
Google has some new tools for us to use to use Google in the classroom. Actually Google is part of my Socratic teaching method already. As I peruse it, I'll let you know what I find.

Google Teacher Academy
If you live in Northern California, you should apply for the Google Teacher Academy ( The applications are due October 22 and you need to create a one minute video. This is going to be a pilot program! Go for it! Google Says:

The November 7th, 2006, pilot program is available only to K-12 educators working in Northern California. This includes classroom teachers, curriculum specialists, technology leaders, administrators, and professional trainers. The event is FREE, but participants must provide their own travel. For the pilot program, we only have room for 50 experienced educators. An application is required to participate, and Google will select educators into the program based on their professional experience, their passion for teaching and learning, and their successful use of technology in K-12 settings.

If you go, I'd like to set up an interview with you afterwards so we can share with other cool cat teacher readers what you learned!

Hat tip to Musings from the Academy for this information.

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