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Proof that the best of us can be taken: Microsoft Firefox Professional

Following are the comments with some documentation as to the non-authenticity of this site. Thank you, friends for clarifying. I'm sure I'll get some "she's so stupid" posts but I'll leave this up to show how the best of us can be taken.

I literally researched this for an hour and looked at many blogs and other sources to find the veracity of this. Needless to say, I didn't spend enough time on the site to find what the commenters here are saying.

It bothers me greatly that such spoofs even exist and are allowed to continue. I see now that Google Adsense is on the site. And I would say this -- shame on Google Adsense for paying a site money on a false identity that obviously is out to scam people. The fact that they would pay will make people have more and more clever sites which means this will only get worse.

I will have to determine how to verify such sites in a better way, but how. Is there a site that mentions website spoofs? Couldn't Google offer a filter to get rid of website spoofs just like spam?

******And now for my tirade that is not correct.******

I train my students to look for new technology, so when one of my students said:

"Cool, Mrs. Vicki, there is a new Microsoft Firefox 2007 Professional. Can I download it?"
I was curious and I always check these things out before allowing any student to download something like this.

So, I went to the website:

I was excited..then my excitement turned to OFFENSE as I saw the screen below.

Then, as I tabbed over, I learned two things:

1) It requires a Pentium Quad Core Processor with 4.6 Ghz (our 6 month old computers will not run)


2) Under the fast fun tab, this is why Microsoft Says it should be downloaded:

"Tired of slow image rendering? Microsoft Firefox 2007 can deliver online pornography at blazing fiery speeds..."

Well, you can read the rest for yourself in the graphic I snagged from the site above.

Well, I am incredulous, so I looked up the site to see how many blogs have linked to it on Technorati - over 1,700 links!

I found an article at Redherring that says:

"Mozilla has even been working with its archrival Microsoft to make Firefox compatible with the new Windows Vista operating system."
So, no, it doesn't look as if Microsoft has bought Firefox, just trying to literally "get in bed with them." (Pardon the really bad pun)

My protest

As a teacher, I am stunned and appalled by the marketing of this web browser if indeed it is from Microsoft. On the about page of the MS firefox page, it even has a link to the Microsoft educational Foundation.

I know that pornography is a prominent use of the Internet but for Microsoft to campaign for the download of this browser using such offensive language (obviously directed at a female) is offensive to me beyond compare.

It also is at the view of kids everywhere and in my opinion, gives an endorsement of pornography as a valid use of the Internet. The studies I've seen show a correlation between porn use and a decreased satisfaction with a person one is married to. (surprise!?!)

I have used Microsoft Products in my school. I haven't seen Linux or Firefox even tout the effectiveness of their OS or add ons for using porn. It just smacks of bad taste.

Bad play, Microsoft. This teacher would send you to detention if she could!

And if I am wrong, its not intentional -- I have researched for an hour and cannot find anything stating that this is not Microsoft. If Alfred Thompson, educational Microsoft blogger extraordinaire, can dig into it and correct me, I will post a correction immediately! Meanwhile, I am disgusted and will continue to complain!

Added at 5:45 pm on the day of the post.

Meanwhile, I must sit back as countless people will post about my failure here to detect a spoof site. Laugh at me if you will, but if I can't tell -- how many other people won't be able to either. And how do we create students who won't fall for such? I could take this post down, however, I think there is something to learn here.

And I'm not done with this topic! Not by a long shot!

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