Including a classmate with leukemia through skype

Hats off to Brian Crosby. Watch this 5 minute movie entitled Inclusion.

How can this sort of power be denied?

I am firmly convinced that because this school allowed a classmate with leukemia to attend via Skype that the lives of both the class and the student are enriched.

This is proof that it is not the tools that are inherently good or evil but rather the use of the tools.

  • A hammer can kill someone but it can also build a house.
  • A nail can be driven through a hand but it can also hold the roof over your head.
  • A fist can hit but a fist can also be clasped in your hand in love.

We do not outlaw hammers, nails, or fists -- we teach people to use them properly.

So should we do with blogs, wikis, podcasts, skype, and any other tool that becomes available for use in the human experience!

(Hat tip to tonights WOW2 show and our incredible guest Wesley Fryer for letting us know about Brian's work. He was on at the very end of the incredible show (along with Miguel Guhlin) where Wes talked about blended learning, digital storytelling, and how people treat "blog" like a four letter word. Catch the podcast on as soon as it is posted!) Thanks to my three great friends, Cheryl, Jen, and Sharon for making it all happen every week along with the amazing people at Worldbridges for providing such an incredible, transformational resource for the educational community.

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