Flat Classroom Results aligned with ISTE Standards

I have a channel on youtube. (http://www.youtube.com/coolcatteacher) If you have a username on youtube, you may navigate to my channel and hit subscribe. That way all of my videos will go straight to you.

I also have a coolcatteacher group and am going to join the K12 group. Groups let multiple people add. The coolcat teacher group is for those of you who have videos that you want me to review or about the things I've worked with.

Julie and I are compiling two final summative videos: one on the objectives accomplished (mine is shown below) and another as a how to.

I have taken the ISTE standards and aligned them with what we accomplished on the flat classroom project. I also discussed how we will change the project in the future (we hope) and what types of classrooms this is best suited for.

Unfortunately I had to upload this to Google Video because it is longer than 10 minutes (14 to be exact.) (See Video)

In the future, I am going to start working to stay under the 10 minute time limit for youtube. But I want you to think a moment -- you can have private groups on youtube. Why don't you have a school news channel and only invite your parents and students to view?

It is free and very very cool. Also, you can get a specific channel URL like I have (http://www.youtube.com/coolcatteacher) and I believe that most filters can unblock a specific URL. That way you could use at least your channel at school even if you can't do anything else there.

You tube is an incredible tool waiting for a use. There are already GREAT videos out there for classrooms. If you don't believe me, look at the 2nd place wiki for the k12 online conference about math videos. They include so many videos aligned with math standards -- I used the one about exponents for my SAT math review!

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