Tuesday Night on WOW2: Global Projects and Julie Lindsay

Tomorrow night on the WOW2 show, my friend and global collaboration expert Sharon Peters will be moderating and interviewing Julie Lindsay, from Bangladesh and I about the Flat Classroom Project.

We are quite excited that Thomas Friedman asked for several hundred words about this project to be potentially included in version 3 of his book. This was an honor to be asked by someone we both respect so much. We submitted it to him this week, perhaps it will work out!

After reviewing the new NETS standards proposed by ISTE, Julie and I have concluded that this project meets each standard. Honestly, it was quite striking when we realized this, because the project literally evolved under our fingertips. Each of us pushed the other to do better and include more and we know that there are several areas we will improve upon next time.

I hope you'll join us over at edtechtalk.com, Tuesday night at 9 pm EST. Join in the chat room and listen on Channel 1. It will be a great talk. (Julie and I have literally only talked 3-4 times and have chatted the rest!)

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