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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daily Spotlight on Education 08/31/2008

  • The lesson of missed opportunity resounds in this discussion of Xerox Parc and the Alto. They invented the PC and gave it away for free.

    tags: education, clicksmart, change

  • In Australia, they are taking an initiative to get more math and science graduates into primary teaching -- those who do so will have a 50% refund on their loan payments.

    This in response to a study in July from the National Numeracy Review that "concluded that systematic teaching of numeracy in the early years of schooling, in maths lessons and across the wider curriculum, was essential if these trends were to be reversed."

    I find this interesting and hope that it will encourage people who love math and science AND STUDENTS will accept. Just a geek doesn't mean you love students or want to teach them.

    tags: education, edu_news

  • Sue H, a secondary teacher, highly recommends this as the research tool she uses in her classroom. If we're going to embed MLA into our wikis, we may test this out. Anyone else used it?

    tags: education, wiki, reference, edu_newapp

  • When Will people start listening to teachers? We don't know everything but we often have insights into children's lives.

    WHEN? WHEN? Heartbroken for sensless tradgedy.

    tags: education, depression

  • I agree with Jeff Utecht that Kim Cofino is on to something with the collaboration cycle of "building indpendence through partnership" in terms of mentoring and helping teachers with their pd and technology integration.

    tags: education, professionaldevelopment

  • Linked in has added a pretty cool little discussion tool to their groups. We welcome the edubloggers on Linked in to join the edubloggers group over there. This is from the discussion board.

    tags: education, networking, edublog, edubloggerworld

  • Great blog from newcomer Tony Searl from New South Wales (NSW? -- I THINK -- Tony, let me know if I've stated that wrong.)

    I like how he's chronicled his journey and thrown himself into his journey. I love this exceprt from his July Entry on the "about" page:

    "One month into my web2.0 expedition, I can see a whole new educational world opening. Work no longer seems like work as I find ideas and stories that inspire me and real people who know and share. Web2.0 is a place to reflect, retract, repeat and research. Still no real idea what I’m doing yet, but it is a safe place for learning. Makes you focus on what’s important. My brain still hurts, just differently. Paradox? web2.0 order vs a chaotic mind. Just lost focus, again."

    I think we'll all be hearing more from Tony. How did he get started, he says "I decided I'd make web2.0 a personal PD project."

    Tony, that is how so many of us, myself included joined in the revolution.

    tags: education, learning, web2

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