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Monday, August 04, 2008

Tips for Starting the School Year Right

Just spent some time reading my own posts and reminders from year's past about how to start the school year right.  I'm still recovering from a lighting strike at the school three weeks a go and have poured upwards of 20 hours into getting all systems back online at 100%.  I thought these posts might help some of you (as honestly, they helped me ;-)  as you look at starting the year.

Really, one of the great values to me, is that I can review my own posts from the same month in years prior.  I find this helpful in refreshing my thoughts on best practice and what I've learned and I've made it a practice more and more.

Blog posts don't have to be new to be worthwhile and sometimes buried in your own posts are a great nugget that you've forgotten.

So, let's get it started!
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