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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Inbox Zero Makes Me Feel Frisky!

Meet my inbox.  I haven't seen the white screen of an empty inbox since April!  I've been jailed by my inbox since then and so many messages came in over the summer, I was up to 2300 this week!  Now, knowing that at least 1000 of it was spam, hidden in that inbox were some emails from some really great new websites, really cool teachers, and fascinating ideas.
So, when you get the mongo super-big blog post of links tomorrow morning, that is what happened.  There is some real link goodness in there and a lot of great new sites that are out.
I forwarded items I need to do to my special private email for remember the milk and then filed and archived things and replied and apologized to those who thought I just didn't care.
Over time, I've really come to appreciate the great, salt of the earth teachers who send notes of encouragement and kindness.  There are times that I consider quitting blogging but one of you always sends an email through feedburner to keep going.  I think every blogger goes through this and it is important to send encouragement to others.
Best wishes and give yourself a present - an inbox zero. (Just dont delete indiscriminately -capture those tasks, reply to people when you can handle it in less than 2 minutes, and file things you'll need - and don't forget to set up filters so you don't have to see emails you don't want to see any more!
I'm ready to get off the Internet -- 2300+ emails and over 12 hours -- I'm glad to be at inbox zero!  Are you?
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