Better not ignore those Facebook messages or you could lose your HOUSE

As shocking as it seems, an Australian couple is being served legally via Facebook after all other attempts to reach them for defaulting on their loan have been exhausted.

"The Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court last Friday approved lawyer Mark McCormack's application to use Facebook to serve the legally binding documents after several failed attempts to contact the couple at the house and by e-mail.
Australian courts have given permission in the past for people to be served via e-mail and text messages when it was not possible to serve them in person."

Another example of how online spaces have offline consquences.  We have our physical space and our online spaces but both, are REAL.

Some people make the mistake of saying "real" to talk about the physical world - that is a misnomer - real life is made up of physical spaces and online spaces inhabited by humans.

This will be an example that we discuss in my class next semester.

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