One of the silent heroes: Steve Madsen

Few people know that Julie Lindsay and I have a new right arm.  An educator who has come along side us to help with the dream of promoting global collaboration between students on a massive scale.

Steve Madsen from Australia just stepped in and volunteered to help us a while back and has been one of those mind readers, I'm here to help, I'll do what it takes kind of people that permeate the grassroots sorts of projects that so many of us are joining now.

People like Steve are the glue that holds projects together and the grease that makes the wheels move a bit more rapidly.   Steve is amazing and has tirelessly helped us with "wiki cleanup" (when the wiki strains to hold up under lots of editing, sometimes we end up with things deleted that shouldn't), judging, scheduling meetings, providing feedback and assistance to other teachers, and stepping into the leadership role when Julie or I are out.

And what Steve would never tell you is that he just received some very prestigious awards, so I'm telling you. 

Steve is the President of the New South Wales Computing Studies Teachers Association and just won a professional service award citation for his service.

I hope that as you think about your projects that you participate in, that you'll think about the silent heroes - the glue, those who quietly help and assist.  Pick one (because as with these projects, we have many) and then just let them know how you feel. 

Thank them publicly-- thank your silent hero.

Thank you, Steve, for jumping in to help. For volunteering to assist us and for just making things run so much more smoothly.  You deserve all of the good things that I think will most certainly come to you in the future because as we say here in the American South "You know your stuff." 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for working so hard and never asking for or expecting any reward except to further "the cause."  Thank you!

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