Estie's kids are working so hard to get to Qatar

The inagural flat classroom conference has been so challenging to pull off (especially for Julie Lindsay and the hard working people at Qatar Academy) and all of us have had to raise the money to transport ourselves to Qatar. It has been quite a challenge.

It is very important that we have a diversity of schools at the conference and thus, not every school has local donors who can help -- so, Estie Cuellar and her amazing students from Spring Woods have a blog and a youtube video and are doing everything they can to spread the word that they would like to move ahead and work face to face with the other students to design the future of flat classrooms.

Chip in and help!  There is still some room for adults at the conference in the leadership strand co-coordinated with ISTE.

You can help by sharing this information and blog with others in your network and by chipping in!

I think student, Steve R, expresses why he wants to go so well:

"The Flat Classroom Leadership Conference in Doha, Qatar means a great deal to me. I really do not know how much I could stress about the impact that this trip can have on myself and my peers. I can learn so much from this opportunity, and I know that it will be the experience of a lifetime.

For one, the conference is going to be about technology and how we can make the world better by collaborating with the help of our "flat" world. Second, what makes this trip and experience more special is that we are going to be working, in person, with the students that we have been working with around the world! The Project alone is already unique and very amazing considering the fact that we are actually working together with students around the world with the help of technology. So what better way to finish the project off by actually working with the people we have been working with online."
For me, if we are designing the future of flat classrooms - we need many schools and areas represented!  It is about using this technology to tackle meaningful social issues and how to do it!  We need Estie's class - so please help!

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