Join us on December 10th: Flat Classroom Student Summit and Digiteen Protest in Lively

Oh, tomorrow is going to be a busy day, but it will be one where you get to see may favorite thing to show off - these beautiful kids that I get to teach!

Flat Classroom Student Summit
9:15 - 9:50 am EST 12/10/2008 - The Flat Classroom Student Summit for Westwood in Elluminate -- Click here to join at that time.  They will present and take your questions.

They uploaded their jpg files to the Ning, then, I saved them down, took them into Elluminate plan to create the session and whiteboard and will load it in the summit tomorrow.  We sandboxed today to play in elluminate and get all of the playfulness out of our system so we can do a professional job tomorrow.

Elluminate is the virtual behind the scenes glue that holds our projects together and WE LOVE IT!

Digiteen Dream Team Protest in Lively
12/10/2008 - 2:15 - 3:00 pm EST
We've planned this event and have decided that the link to the room will post on the Digiteen blog just prior to the beginning of the protest (about 5 minutes prior.)

That lets us get in position and ready to share with you.  And, lest you think this is a gripe session, it is not. They are going to share why they think lively is useful and about their views of digital citizenship.  I'm also planning to discuss with them the possibility to ustreaming my film from the classroom so that you can see how they are orchestrating it.

They want to bring attention to the use of 3d worlds in education and for teaching digital citizenship as well as plead with Lively for a small reprieve to prove to them that it is a viable 3d platform for education that is worth belonging in the Google portfolio.

Join us if you wish - it would be very meaningful to have some observers share in these experiences.   

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