Daily Spotlight on Education 03/09/2009

  • Really love the monster project by Anna Baralt and Ann Oro. This project: "encourages the development of reading and writing skills while integrating technology into the classroom. Using monsters as a vehicle, students exchange written descriptions via this wiki, and then recreate their partner's monster without ever looking at the "real thing". During the project, students create, discuss, describe, interpret, analyze, organize and assess their monsters as well as the monsters of their peers."

    This is a Grade 1-3 Flat Classroom -style project that is GREAT. Although it already started, it is wonderful. Only tip is NOT to call it "spring" -- because of the southern hemisphere connection - rather, it should be 1Q09 or something of that type. (The only reason I know that is Julie Lindsay drills it into my head.)

    tags: education, learning, flatclassroom

  • The course I'm doing at NECC on 6/27/2009 from 12:30 - 3:30 at NECC.

    tags: education, learning

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