So, what is outsourcing and why do we do it.

This is a copy of a post over at netgened I just wrote explaining to the students why and how we do outsourcing of video as part of the project:

Right now, we are outsourcing pieces of our video to students in other classrooms.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is when part of a student video in one classroom is requested of a student in another classroom.

How does outsourcing work?

We have developed a Wiki tutorial with videos about how this works. For netgened, the students are requesting and signing up for videos on the NetGenEd wiki. This is happening NOW!

Why do we outsource?

1) Vision and Effective Digital Storytelling Planning

It requires the student producing a video to have a vision of their video - storyboarding and scripts are an important part of creating a good video, and in order to ASK for someone else to do a video, you have to truly think deeply about the story you're trying to tell.

2) Interdepenence

Outsourcing demonstrates to students (and teachers) the interdependence of the world. We depend on each other. We count on each other. We have to do things that make us uncomfortable.

In this case, it is following someone else's directions and doing something for them and delivering it in a timely fashion.

3) Thinking Skills Required
Face it -- outsourcing can be tough. You have to think through multiple things that have to be done. Making the video, converting the video, uploading the video. Downloading and converting your video to the correct format. This requires some real thinking on your part -- it forces you to a much higher level of troubleshooting and work than just watching your teacher click on Print in the Word processor.

Today's world of technical knowledge is not simple point and click -- it is complex and that is what you have to be able to handle in today's world.

4) Your Importance
So, anything requiring rote, routine capabilities can be outsourced to almost anywhere. The difference is creativity and vision. Thus, that can only be done by YOU -- you are an essential part of this equation. Anywhere there is a person who can think... who can design... who can do something original... who can forecast... who can invent... who can collaborate... who can work with others... who can appreciate and understand people from other cultures... these are the people who will not only be employable, but successful in the future.

Your future.

For you are, NetGen!

Get the outsourcing DONE!

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