Star Flat Classroom Teacher Salim Al-Busaidi speaks out on TV in Oman

One of the great heroes who has emerged from the Flat Classroom projects is Salim Al-Busaidi.  His students were phenomenal participants in two projects and also have their own global collaborative work spreading environmental responsibility.

In addition to this, Salim is a person who shows great respect and honor to all who know him.  He and his students not only made some Omani sweets to share, but presented the speakers and the school with a beautiful crystal Omani sword which is now in a treasured location at the entrance of our school and in my den.

Here, he presents his global collaborative work and also Flat Classroom projects and the conference held in Qatar this year.  This video is in Arabic, so it is for those Arabic-fluent readers of this blog.  We hope to have a translation at some point.

For those of you who speak English and wish you had a translation -- think of how others feel when we have GREAT videos without translating them for others.  It helps to see the other side sometimes.

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Thank you, again, Salim.   The world needs more people like you!  You work hard, you are kind and accepting of others, and you love your students!

And for those of you who want to see more. Here is a great video his students produced in English about their experience.

Find more videos like this on Flat Classroom Conference

Truly, the flattening experience which is not just happening here- but all over the world in tiny pockets of innovative, connected teachers is beginning to spread.  This is what needs to happen in more places!

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