No Future Left Behind: Peggy Sheehy's Student Video that Everyone Should see

The students of Suffern Middle School are keynoting the NetGenEd Project, a collaboration with Don Tapscott, author of Grown Up Digital, Discovery Educators Network, and Flat Classroom projects.  This video is so good that I'm in tears watching it. Have seen it so many times already.  Wow!  (Feel free to join our Ning and participate.)

We intentionally asked Peggy and her middleschoolers because first of all, we know that they are GREAT but secondly because the NetGenEd students are asking educators to change the paradigm and allow teachers to also learn from students.  So, to turn "keynoting" on its ear, we are showing the high schoolers how they can learn from elementary kids and it is creating a teachable moment -- a discussion flashpoint to demonstrate to them what it means for the "tables to be turned" on the teachers by literally turning the tables on the students.

Here is the Teacher Tube Link if you tube is blocked for you-- pass it on.

Peggy and the students from Suffern Middle School -- I predict this is the next viral video.  You've done an incredible job.  Peggy, thank you for letting the students storyboard and Marianne, thank you for filming with the kids on your snowday.  The fact that they would work at this at home while on a snowday speaks volumes.

These are tears for what education can and should be.  OK, gotta go watch it again!

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