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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anne Collier: On-line Safety 3.0: Rethinking Net Safety Together

I was on-line planning the Citizenship, Gridizenship: Online Community Building for Self-Sustaining Safety at ISTE this year (Monday morning at 8:30 am!) with some amazing co-presenters (Anne Collier, Marianne Malmstrom and Bron Stuckey.) Marianne gave me the link to this presentation from Anne Collier and I've started watching and think this is something you should listen to in your on-line PD this week.

Today I asked a person just finishing her masters the most important thing she learned from her program and she said, "I learned that I can learn everything I need to know on-line."  Quite sage advice. But you've got to commit the time and go out and get it.  You don't get smarter by rubbing Einstein's head and a computer doesn't make you smarter either.  It is what you and where you tune those antennae. 

I first "met" Anne (author of Net Family News) when I saw her on the PBS Growing Up On-line video series we use for Digiteen.  Now, it is an honor to call her a friend.

About the talk:

Online Safety 3.0: Rethinking Net Safety Together

A March 2010 talk for educators given by ConnectSafely co-director Anne Collier (or rather her avatar, Anny Khandr) and edited by Knowclue Kidd (aka Marianne Malmstrom). Set in the underwater Paideia Coliseum in Second Life, Anny's talk was part of a series on digital citizenship and safety presented by Atlantis Seekers (http://atlantisseekers.ning.com). Its aim is to help educators break through the myths and hype about how youth are using social media and consider what we're learning from the growing bodies of both social-media and youth-risk research. (Anne is also founder and editor of NetFamilyNews.org.)
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