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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Laughter in the Morning: Willbur - Hall Monitor

One of my digital film students, Will, went with us to the Flat Classroom conference in India and has a friend who told him about a Film Festival in Korea.  Will showed her some of his work for my digital film class and his friend from Korea fell on the floor laughing at the comedy that he did for film class.  This assignment was to use slapstick humor and a certain number of sound effects in a genre of comedy that we had discussed in class. Just for fun, this also required a lot of editing.  So, I'm just sharing the video here for you which Will posted on the Ning.  Just for laughs!

Find more videos like this on Flat Classroom Conference

I loved how my dear teacher friends Steve and Julie commented so quickly.

My response was this:

He is the most gifted videographer that I have ever taught and has an ability to make film's just reach right off the page. Will is a product of Flat Classroom and NetGenEd and improves with every film that he makes! This morning we are shooting a school wide commercial that Will is directing. I always wonder how many video-geniuses like Will sit back in our schools and are never exposed to the gift that will give them passion and meaning to their lives. I hope Will will consider film school or at least a minor in it! Thanks for the comment!
Today, Will is leading the school as we shoot a commercial at the school as their final assignment. The best commercial will likely be run on TV.

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