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Friday, April 23, 2010

The New Digital Classroom, Building Expertise through Technology (Video)

Oh my goodness, I was up well past midnight this past Wednesday night.  Not because of my ears (thank goodness -- those of you who follow me on Twitter know that the last two weeks I've been fighting with a horrific double ear infection.)  Honestly, it was because I was so excited. I learned so much from Dr. David Rose in this webinar, I hardly felt like a participant.

Dr. Rose is a leading researcher in education and has so many accolades but I think the thing I liked about him most is that I could actually understand everything he shared in the webinar! This session was choc full of research.

But perhaps the thing I liked the best was when Wayne D'Orio made the point that both of us (Dr. Rose in his Harvard grad student classroom and I in my high school classroom in South Georgia) were echoing that the use of technology has caused us both to be renewed and excited about teaching again. We're both feeling like we connect better with our students! What a powerful story.

Thank you to Tyler Reed and the folks at Scholastic for putting together this webinar. They have a lot of other webinars that I'm going to go back and listen to.  Take advantage of the free learning that is presented to you, it makes a huge difference!

We discussed a lot about those with disabilities and teaching with technology and student engagement.
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