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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Virtual Desktops with Dexpot: A Cool Tool!

My official "birthday gift to you" post (last year was my most popular post of the year which still draws traffic and remains current 122 for you: Cool Cat Teacher's Favorite Apps and Sites) will have to come a bit later in the week as we have progress reports going out tomorrow. Many thanks to everyone who has sent tweets, Facebook messages, and emails. You are all blessings.

Meanwhile, I've found the coolest tool that I highly recommend called Dexpot which lets you have multiple screens - like virtual monitors to switch between.  So, you can literally have 4 screens configured differently for different tasks (I have 8) and then you can swap between them easily as needed. (Like one screen may be watching an ftp and another for checking email with your Toodledo list up on the other.)

The two tips I have for you is that if you use it and need to install programs, turn it OFF or you may get a Windows blue screen of death (I got one while setting up my virtual encrypted drive for financial records using TrueCrypt a free opensource way to create partitioned encrypted drives - good idea for guidance counselors and those who have super private data on a laptop.)

Second recommendation is that it will make NO sense at all unless you read the short documentation [pdf] - it helped me and although some of the screenshots in the manual are in another language, you can still get the point.

Meanwhile, I've got to grade until 2 am and our air conditioner has decided to go on Spring BREAK!  Hope you all have as delightful of a day as I have had!
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