Daily Education & Technology News for Schools 11/05/2010

  • Lots of tools for making avatars! Great blog post! he used everything from Portrait Illustrator to Doppelme to the M&M website! Great post!

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  • yes, this is HUGE. Location layers are very important for education. I wish there were alternatives for privacy protection that will allow us to better tap into this tool in the classroom. Until then, get familiar and let's start learning about and also creating layers. Learn, my friends. This is your future.

    "Looking at life through rose-colored glasses? How about walking through your town and seeing it as the Huffington Post or the Independent Film Channel sees it? IFC announced a new campaign this morning with leading location-based social network Foursquare that will allow you to do just that. The Huffington Post launched a Foursquare layer today as well."

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  • Tucked in the crevices of the end of this article about Foursquare enforcing "rules" for mayorship is a note about the feature of Foursquare that educators are awaiting. While privacy concerns remain for classroom use. The idea of "layers of location annotation" would allow us to create educational layers of information to augment our world.

    This is HUGE. Tremendously huge. Educators, you should play foursquare, because whether you like it or not, augmented reality is going to be a big part of education in the future.

    "The ability to subscribe to layers of location annotation from trusted brands and receive push notifications when you check in near an annotated place ("you follow the History Channel and just checked in near a place of historical significance... ") is the feature of Foursquare that interests me the most."

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  • Free antivirus for mac. This is a great recommendation with more people getting macs, new viruses and trojans (Boonana Koobface was a recent one that hit the mac.) time to install antivirus, my Mac Friends - success has a price.

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  • How do you feel about classroom cameras where the always on "elephant in the room" may be parents, administrators or anyone who wants to watch? As for me, I feel I should know when someone is watching just because.

    Also, we sometimes have discussions that are important but could be misconstrued as I allow everyone to talk and share opinions that may really just be a point in time not really an opinion as kids learn and grow to become who they will become.

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  • Find Help is the name of the app.
    You'll be happy you got your kids to install it.

    New facebook app. Encourage kids to install this. It lets them report cyberbulling with one click from Facebook and links to the US National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's Cyber Tip line, the national suicide prevention hotline and facebook's abuse reporting process.

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