Global Education Conference: Free, 370 sessions, 62 countries #globaled10

This is the week of the Global Education Conference!  More than 370 sessions from 62 countries.  View  the schedule in your time zone (I want to know how they did that -- very very cool!)  Perhaps the most useful thing is that the recordings are being archived and posted for you to listen to later.

I'm one of the many keynoters for this and will be presenting Thursday at 6 pm Eastern.

The information is pasted below so you can join.

We have some Flat Classroom  students and there are many students intermixed. I hope that you'll take the time to join in!

The New PD
My question for you.  If you're a professor - would you rather your students read a book about global collaboration or would you rather them attend some of these live sessions and come back and discuss them in class? 

If you're a principal - would you rather them sit in a session and learn how to make a wiki or pick two or three sessions that interest them and get fired up about WHAT they want to accomplish. (Then they will find the tools - I promise!)

This is live PD and will also happen again with the k12 online conference in December. These are great opportunities for live, real, authentic, up to the moment learning. I promise there is a time that fits your schedule - so do it! I've set as a personal goal to sit in or listen to at least 3 sessions!   So, email your IT department right now to unblock the ports needed and to allow your teachers, staff, and students to use Elluminate and begin!

For that matter, it would be great to take students in to a session to learn what is happening in global collaboration! JOIN IN!

Vicki Davis
Flat Classroom Project™
GMT: Thu 18 Nov 11:00PM - click to find the time in your own time zone
The room will be open one hour before the keynote begins

Flatten Your Classroom: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time.

Global collaboration can seem daunting to many Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay, co founders of the Flat Classroom projects (including Flat Classroom, Digiteen, NetGenEd, and Eracism projects) have created a series of steps for connecting and flattening the classroom on a global basis providing a simple progression for teachers and schools to globalize their work. Join Vicki for a lively conversation about the steps to globalize and share your own experience in the backchannel.

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