Daily Education & Technology News for Schools 11/20/2010

  • Written by Tara Engel of OPPapers, here is her take on how such a website can be used in a positive way for learning. Of course, this assumes that schools have plagiarism checks in place and most of them I know of do not.

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  • Be aware. Free and premium essays, term papers and book reports are available. I received a letter from someone representing this company who said it wasn't plagiarism, however, let me point out. If you're not using something such as turnitin.com - you're just asking for kids to use this sort of website. Share this and discuss it.

    How can we ensure students are doing their own work? Often, the oral quiz and project based learning are great ways -- certainly not just paper writing but multiple modalities of assessment are essential!

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  • Just in my inbox. This is a cool website with tons of streaming educational videos organized by subject and grade level.

    From the founders:

    "a free
    library of educational, documentary films accessible 24/7 and completely
    free to stream. We have recently added around 100 new films to our library,
    each including learning comprehension questions"

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