Get Your Science Fix: Middle School Science Blog

Darren Fix has a cool middle school science blog at

This is an example of how many niche teaching blogs are cropping up for just about any subject area.

Here's Darren's bio:

I have been a science teacher for 14 years. Currently I am teaching 7th and 8th grade science at Spring View Middle School, in Rocklin, Ca. I am also the lead technology teacher and I have a masters in education technology via the iMET masters program at California State University, Sacramento. I am a science and technology nerd who thoroughly enjoys teaching. I love to do demonstrations of science concepts and I also try to incorporate the latest discoveries in science into the classroom. I also integrate computer applications into the science curriculum to further enhance the learning experience.

Darren on Twitter: @sciencefix

I think this is a nice blog for middle school science teachers. 

I'm going to work to find some more different teacher blogs as that is part of my own personal mission here: to encourage and advocate for teachers in the classroom who are doing really cool things to reach students. Feel free to share your favorite science blog from classroom teachers in the comments here so that those looking for them can find them!

So, head out and get your science fix!
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