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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Daily Education & Technology News for Schools 12/19/2010

  • So, one can win an edublog award with 100 something votes? Goodness sakes? Are that few people voting or are there just too many categories and too many nominees in each? I don't know.

    I responded to Kristen's reflection that social media is overrated with this comment.

    "It is also a matter of taking the time to self promote! I know for me, in the past, I've sent out tons of emails and messages on facebook - asking people to vote. We sent messages through our Nings and through every vehicle we could. This year with a looming book deadline, I had to ask myself if it was something I had time to do. I didn't. In retrospect, maybe I should have but really - if that is what it takes to win an award. I don't know - I guess the crunchies are important and that works the same way although I'm so tired of hootsuite reminding me to vote in that doggone award!
    So, I would say it is a function of PERSONAL connections and also a PERSONAL desire and willingness to put oneself out there and say "Hey I want to win, please vote for me." It is tough - when you do that you get a backlash but when you win an award - you win and no one really asks how you got it. So, I guess it is just what we have to live with for now.
    Thank you for some great reflections and for putting yourself out there. Good luck and congratulations."

    That pretty much sums up my thoughts this year.  We didn't put out these awards through our very active flat classroom groups or anything. December was just too stressful to run a campaign.  This, however, is just the nature of the beast - like it or not social media, voting, type campaigns and awards are the nature of "the beast ' and we have to make time to run the campaigns if we want to thrive in the space.

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  • Wonderful Blog post that you should share from the Tempered Radical, Bill Ferriter. It is about how one tweet from Karl Fisch to work with Kiva to help loan money to those who can create a business in another part of the world led his class to create a Kiva Club and how that one tweet went on to change the world.

    I would add this -- one tweet cannot change the world but it can be the spark to ignite an inferno of positive change! Great post.

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  • Listened on Saturday morning to This week in Tech talk about the new Google Chrome laptop. Some things they said:

    1) Difficult to get to the local hard drive -- just supposed to be a temporary "shelf" - this from one who was taking screeenshots.
    2) Another had problem using it with his mifi card.
    3) A third didn't like the absence of some buttons.

    It is supposed to be a cloud device and has apps on it. Mixed reviews from the panelists. Doubt I'll get to test it, but it will be interesting to see what happens with the device. The question I have in rural america is that if this device can only be used in the cloud - what happens when you have a clear sky? (No internet) and NO ACCESS?

    Bandwidth snobbery is easy for people who live in areas with consistent cell coverage and wifi everywhere but that isn't the reality of most of us in the real world.

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  • Funny take on this poem technology style.

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