Tis the Season to Give Away an M90z Computer: Enter Now!

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This season is about giving. So, you have five days to enter to win the Lenovo m90z touch screen computer. (Pictured with Steve Dembo's son here on the right.)

My thoughts on the m90z

This amazingly cool HUGE touchscreen computer is great for classrooms and homes. If you love your interactive whiteboard, you can play the IWB games on this computer and let the children use their finger on the touch screen. Instead of having one big IWB in the room, with this device you could have many devices.

This has become our main family computer set up for studying by my third grader who needs a lot of hands on technology facilitated learning and studying helps. He uses spelling city for spelling and lots of different math activities from across the web!


INDIVIDUAL WINNER Contest Rules (Contest #1)
This contest is designed to promote GIVING. So, you - (any individual of any kind) may enter one of two ways.

1 - Give Help - Help others by selecting a tough problem or question and share your answer in the medium of your choice. (Video, blog, multimedia, glog, audio).

2 - Give Thanks - Thank someone who deserves it in the medium of your choice.  (Pick someone who may not get thanked a lot!)

How to Enter
You may enter three ways per entry (so, give help x3 and give thanks x 3 = 6 entries)  by sharing a link to what you’ve created.

You may enter three ways:

1 - Twitter - Tweet your response @coolcatteacher and include the hyperlink. Make sure you follow me on Twitter so I may dm you if you win!

2 - Facebook - Fan the Cool Cat teacher fan page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cool-Cat-Teacher/143588425657314  and leave a message with the link to what you have done.

3 - This blog - Leave a comment here with a hyperlink about what you have done!

A winner will be randomly selected from one of these three locations. 


Win a Set of Five M90z’s For Your School, NonProfit, or Medical Institution (Contest #2)

Lenovo has also asked that we find schools or medical institutions that are good case studies for the Lenovo and they’ve assembled three packages of five (5) M90z units. Here is what Lenovo has said:

“Target winners would be a worthy medical or educational institution such as a clinic, hospital, school, community center, adult education facility, etc. located in the US or Canada.”

We need names of institutions. I will submit them to Ivy Worldwide, the coordinator of the give away.   


1) Organization located in US or Canada
2) Medical. education or similar community focus
3) Preference given to non-profits or organizations dedicated to social good
4) Must have a  concrete use for 5 touch-enabled m90z’s.

To Enter:
Please include the name of the organization, a hyperlink to their website, and a contact name in the comments below. You may also email these to vicki [at] coolcatteacher dot com.

Good luck!

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