Wireless Connectivity and a Bedoin: Student Video

Up late working on the Flat Classroom book and I chatted Julie for encouragement. She sent me this video that has just been posted from remote Oman to this semester's Flat Classroom project and I remembered why I'm doing this.

Find more videos like this on Flat Classroom Project

See how technology in many ways is letting him preserve his way of life and yet connect and celebrate it. It was so touching to see that he copied over a comment from one of my students from his previous post (he had reedited this.)

Erin Jacey B. commented on AhmedM's video 'Wireless Connectivity & Bedouin Life:

“I think your video is really cool! It's so interesting to see how you live in a completely different country and culture, and how your wireless internet is the main source of information for your village. It's great!”

It is a joy to work with these students and teachers. They are truly among the best in the world. Although most of us live in out of the way places and many of us in schools with underfunded budgets, the power of connecting these students to talk about and discuss technology is incredible!

OK, back to writing!

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