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Sunday, December 05, 2010

It is an Instrument! Kevin Honeycutt's iPad / iPhone Concert

My dear friend Kevin Honeycutt is, to me, everything good in a keynoter and a person. He is a family man. He is smart. He is musical. He is hilarious. And on top of that he is so so right on so many things.

He has long been my friend and I hope will continue to be. I first saw this three years a go at NECC - we had a band "Tweetwood Mac" out of about 5 -6 ipods (before the iPad was out.) Sitting on the floor with him messing with gadgets is truly the highlight of every NECC/ ISTE for me. That is what he does - he "messes with things" and as he does it he will teach you a whole lot!

He talked about in this video that iPhones aren't just devices they can be instruments and also makes the poignant comment:

"Don't marry Apple, Android has a lot to offer also."

Watch this video for a great laugh and a look at just a great person in education.  Way to go, Kevin, I'm a huge fan. And I hope against all hope I can get to Podstock one day!  Kevin is a great guy - hope you get the privilege to hear him speak one day.
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