Daily Education & Technology News for Schools 07/19/2011

  • A game to teach students how to pick foods that they like to have a healthy plate.

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  • I've "met" the engaging educators. I'm enjoying learning what they are doing and their journey into virtual and global collaborative learning.

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  • Tip from this story is that if you're getting ready to graduate and want to get a job, get a paid internship during college:

    ""While there have been some modest signs of improvement over the past few months, statistics show the employment situation for college graduates and other young adults remains difficult." Unemployment among youths in their early twenties has improved somewhat from a low last year, but at 14.5% remains above the average unemployment rate. While choosing an in-demand major tends to improve the odds of getting a job, the employment difficulties affect almost every field, experts said. They added that "getting an internship - particularly a paid internship" during college can be very helpful when students later begin their job search. A recent survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that "60% of paid interns working with for-profit companies received job offers compared with 38% of people with unpaid internships."

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