Urgent: How do we create the best environment for US teachers to teach?

My goal is to encourage and inspire teachers and part of that goal is to speak out for the nobility of our profession. I've been posed a question by a major media outlet and after a bit of back and forth (during which I disclosed that I'm a private school teacher NOT a public school teacher), I was reminded that beyond my own classroom I am a writer and encourager of teachers of all kinds.

Because of this, I need to URGENTLY hear from some of you US public school teachers. I know what you've told me. I know what you email me, but now, I want to hear from YOU. Everywhere everybody is writing about teachers but how many of them actually teach in any location or anywhere?

This is about what can be done to improve teaching IN YOUR CLASSROOM. (I'm not going to hit the political footballs here, let's get real about the classroom environment.)

You have the choice to be anonymous or not. I plan to summarize and also quote anonymously or directly those who share information here. If I quote you directly, expect an email today. If I can't reach you, I may have to remove your name as a direct quote. Use the survey's direct link or it is embedded below.

The Survey

Thank you for your time. Speak, I want to share your thoughts along with my own. Remember your noble calling, teacher. Please share and retweet like crazy. Note: This post relates to US public schools of all kinds.

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