How to be a LIghthearted Teacher

One day after I've written about money, today, I'm linking to another great post on 10 Ways to be a Lighthearted teacher. This is another find from Tumblr.

I think that some of the best content for teachers is on Tumblr. See my Beginners Guide for Tumblr. It must work, because now I am following 103 and have a little over 200 followers. I'm learning a lot over there.

I also like how I can queue my posts and it sends it into Twitter. It is just a different kind of blogging there - random snippets and reblogging. I do think Tumblr is onto something. Don't expect this blog to go away. But now, my big four are Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Yes, my Tumblr blog has an RSS feed too if you want that one. I post about 6 times a day over there.

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