iPad Productivity: Pareto Your Home screen

My iPad has really become my device of choice. When I boot up my laptop it is for work, but my iPad, that is for quick this or a quick that.

I have found that it is very important to separate my screens. I like to "Pareto" everything. This means that I hunt for the 20% of apps that do the 80% of my functions and put them in one place. I used to have a screen for everything but I found that I either searched for it or spent a lot of time sliding to find it.

I also find that 20% of the apps give me 80% of my distraction. I keep those OFF my home screen.

If I am going to live with this device it has to work for me and be easy. So, I am going to share with you my home screens and the folders on that screen in the hopes you can find something that helps you.

We have work to do. The more we can focus on work during work hours, the better job we do and the less we have to work during personal hours.

Here is my home screen and the folders.

My Home Screen (the Pareto Platform)

And, yes, that picture is one I took myself of a beach in South Africa. It makes me happy.

Have a great, productive day! For those of you who don't have an iPad, you can apply this same principle to your desktop or cell phone or itouch, etc.

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