Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 10/28/2011

  • I've been messaging with Scott Newcomb about what they are doing at his school in Ohio and got this message: "Every student 3-5 has their own smart phone (MLD). We are starting BYOD with the upper grades this year." Here is their mobile learning blog.

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  • I think that Trina Crawford (tcrawford2011) has some great points about auto dm's on Twitter. I don't care for them either, although I admit, I experimented with them. I also have a service (I since turned off) that used to tweet right before I hit a 1K mark each time -- it bothered me and I think it would bother others. The thing is that when you tweet on twitter it should mostly be about helping others and inspiring them. Be helpful and the followers will come. The sooner we all learn the world doesn't revolve around us and that we should give back and be helpful, the better off we'll all be. Don't worry about followers - rather, be worth following and the followers will come. Care about your followers and they will care about you. Be selfish and be lonely. Be passionately helpful and the sky is the limit.

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  • Scott Newcomb (@snewco on twitter) works with the St. Mary's city schools (Ohio). I was blown away by his school's mobile learning technology page. Tons of resources here for mobile learning.

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  • So, we thought we understood how Klout worked, now we don't. They totally changed their algorithm. Lots of really cool people dropped. I dropped from 71 to 56! What? It is find to calculate such a score but it should make sense to understand what works and what it all means.

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