It is hard to imagine imagination without Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs' obituary on wired news. He died too young but lived while he lived. May innovation at Apple not die with him.
Even Google pays tribute to Steve Jobs today.

I think this makes us all sad because so much of innovation in the last years have been tied up with his leadership and vision that it is hard to imagine a world without him.

I think it is harder to imagine imagination without him. 

Do we have the creativity in us to come up with things no one has thought of and improve millions of lives?

I took that svelte Mac SE to college with me in 1987 and attribute much of the fact that I was first in my class at GT to the fact that everything I produced looked so much better than what everyone else had.

Rest in peace.You are the apple of the world's eye. I wish you had been here to see what even your enemies think. Of course, it is easy to be at peace with you now, they can rest easier because you were quite the competitor. But in this competition you made us all better.

I need to stop now and finish up my ISTE 2012 proposals before I wax too sentimental. I just feel like I grew up watching him be the grown up who had just enough kid in him to intrigue us and help us find play amidst the work.

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