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Room in My Classroom
When frowns are down and people are milling around...
It's time to hide in your room.

When people are tired and with caffeine over-wired
It's time to hide in your room.

When no one has slept and some negativity has crept
It's time to hide in your room.

You see, doom and gloom may loom
but not in your room.

Your classroom is your room, your creation, your loom,
you can do a lot in your room.

The most important attitude that walks in your door
is the one you bring into your room.

Protect your attitude with a shield of stone, keep the negative out
don't let it in your room.

Schools go up, schools go down,
but insulate the learning in your room.

Students must learn every day, it cannot fluctuate with ebb and sway
keep things consistently positive in your room.

My mom was a teacher and she taught me true
one of the only places in this world that is yours
is your classroom.

Own it. Love it. Nourish it. Protect it, even from yourself.
Even when it means you must hide
from the stress outside
by hiding in your room.

Oh teacher, this is your room!
It is yours.

Because when those two legged treasures walk in the door
they inhale everything you bring to your room.
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