I don't wanna die with this music in me

"I don't wanna die with this music in me," says Stacy Francis, 42 year old single Mom of 2, in her X Factor audition last month.

She had someone who told her she wasn't talented. That she couldn't do it. That she started believing it.
"I lost faith in myself," she says.
Someone told her she was no good. If she had believed that person. That misguided, sad, jealous person would have kept the world from this spine tingling, mind blowing, beautiful music.

For an uplifting, inspiring Sunday morning, watch this 7 minute video. Yes, this video is deservedly going viral. [Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FbsmvXzMJY ]

Have you lost faith in yourself? Have you lost faith in your dream?

This morning I want you to take time to reflect on who you are and your calling. I had to watch it twice. AS her mascara runs down her face, mine ran down my face with her.

We all have our stories.

When I came back from GAETC in November and felt led to start this blog I had many people who told me not to. They told me why I couldn't. It would be dangerous for me. Who was I?

You vote every time you share

All I can say is that sometimes when the world is a stage - the world tells a person that they can do it and confirms they are called to do something that they know is their calling. Do you know that when you like and when you follow and when you retweet people that you too can discover talent? The world needs more Stacy Francises.

Thank you for helping me in my own journey. I think I may have to start watching the Xfactor just to see what happens with Stacy. Wow! What a voice!

Don't die with that music inside of you
You have a calling too. Something you were born to do. What is your story?

I have a friend, Scott Rigsby, who is a double amputee and just ran his second iron man. Sometimes your gutt is right. But how will you know unless you try. Stacy had to walk out on that stage.

You've got to walk out on your stage, my friend.

Teacher, this is even more. You've got students with a song inside of them. Will you help it get out? Will you give them a stage? Will you be the encourager?

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