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Friday, February 17, 2012

Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 02/17/2012

  • Free online conferences are an amazing part of the new learning landscape. I'll be presenting at Eye  on School Success in March on Tuesday, March 20 at 4:15 but this is the link to many different presenters at this conference. Todd Whitaker is keynoting this one and Barbara Blackburn is also presenting as well as many other great authors who I don't know personally yet.

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  • I'll be speaking at this conference in New Jersey in October 2012. Just booked. Edscape is the school of @NMHS_Principal - Eric Sheninger.

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  • Teacher shortages are going to be looming in our future. Here is an article from the European Commission. The number of graduates specializing in education is falling. Honestly, I think that many are going to regret the many tirades that society has had against teachers and will realize that perhaps that we have more systemic issues than we care to realize. (Part of which is often, that poorer teachers cannot be fired, however, to blame all of education's ills on that one fact is like blaming a fly flitting in front of your eyes for the reason you ran into a house.)

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  • This is a fun tool. You can upload your handwriting (mine is pretty awful) and turn it into a font. Of course, this has all sorts of issues with the authenticity of whether something was written by a person or not, however, you can do interesting things with this. (Students could as well, but I guess for now, a laser printed item looks laser printed and not hand writing, however, they could bring in something they say is a copy and it was copied and converted to handwriting font.) Just know this is there.

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  • OK, so if you're looking for an amazing resource on Pinterest, Megan is it. With over 2703 followers, she's got a lot of classroom ideas for almost everything. A definite go-to person. I'm following all of her boards. If you want to see a pinterest-expert in action, this is it.

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  • Nice explanation of Pinterest. There are many tools for sharing but pinterest won't even let you share if there isn't a photo on it. Photos are more important than ever. Have you learned by now?  Don't let me explain it, experience it. Ask friends on Twitter to get an invitation, that is the easiest way.

    "There's a point where connection becomes clutter, where the networking that seemed fun and convenient a few years ago now feels like a social uzi."

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